Company History


Midsouth Cage Equipment has been in business for over 30 years. We put into operation our first farm in 1979 and to date we have now built and equipped hundreds of farms and renovated hundreds more. We are the largest Chore-Time distributor in the state of Georgia and we have received many outstanding sales and service awards over the past thirty years. The owners of Midsouth Cage Equipment have always believed in re-investing in their business to uphold the tradition of providing quality products and services.


One reason our customers have chosen Midsouth Cage Equipment to partner with in their poultry venture is the expertise that only comes with years of experience. We have a combined total of over 100 years of experience in the poultry business.




Counter sales is one of our strongest advantages when you shop with Midsouth Cage Equipment - you are dealing with experienced reputable people that can advise you and offer quality products and service. We have a healthy inventory of the parts you'll need to keep your business up and running.


Kevin Vaughn is our in-store manager - his expertise second to none!


Jerry and Gloria Rice


Service is our business! This is a segment of our business that really sets us apart. One of the biggest questions you need to ask yourself is can I rely on the service of the company I’m dealing with? The answer is an emphatical "yes".


Midsouth Cage, leads northeast Georgia year after year in a 5-star customer rating and satisfaction.


Major brands we distribute:

  • Chore-Time
  • Hired-Hand
  • Cool-Air
  • Ziggity
  • Big Dutchman

Midsouth Cage carries a full line of medications to help you gain the leading edge when it comes to bird health.


Also, we help to train you on the application of these products.

Our service team is the best in the business and the best in their respective fields.

The advancement of the technology age has certainly transformed the poultry industry. The days of the thermostat are history - with the computer age integrators now have the ability to micro-manage the environments in these poultry facilities and Midsouth has made available the option of assisting growers with pertinent questions and controller service.




We are a full service builder that has met all building code criteria. As a matter of fact Midsouth Construction is the only company in Northeast Georgia that meets all nationally acclaimed building code specifications.


  • We are the only builder that has our own state of the art truss fabrication machine
  • We are the only company that American General Insurance will give a 10% discount for using our engineered design truss and structure
  • We have our own concrete pouring machine
  • The most updated in house wood saws
  • The highest trained personnel


Manager of our truss division is Mr. Shannon Carey. Shannon has a track record that speaks for itself. He has over 20 years of experience and helps with any other projects in which you need assistance.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with quality products and service - give us a call at one of the following numbers for new project quotes and renovation of existing poultry houses!


Kyle Harper 706-498-1766

Lamar Williams 706-988-8408

Kevin Vaughn 706-717-8024







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